Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trump is With the Establishment, Afterall (He ls a CFR Member!)

Trump is With the Establishment, After all (He ls a CFR Member!)

Published on Oct 8, 2016
In case you didn't know it, Donald Trump, like Hillary Clinton, is a CFR member and if you don't believe it, prove me wrong! He names three people, all of whom are CFR members! He keeps his membership a secret, because it this gets out, he's finished! What's wrong with asking all those who hold high political offices to submit to a polygraph test to answer questions about his memberships and affiliations? Would you like to know if Donald Trump is a CFR member? If he fails the polygraph test, would you like to know why he has hidden his membership, as Mitt Romney did and The Kenyan who lives at the White House? This is treason! They all belong to an organization that works opposite of the best interest of the United States! Trump is with the Establishment After all James Perloff books: Shadows of Power Truth is a Lonely Warrior If a name DOES NOT appear on the CFR Membership list, this DOES NOT mean the person is not a member of the CFR! Those who are attempting to fool the public WILL NOT put their name on that list! Once the people know, they won't get votes, so don't show me the CFR Membership List and try to say this PROVES anything! It DOES NOT! For subtitles, copy video URL and go to Paste the location Select language It's on your computer Open location Open MS Word and have it open the .srt file You will see each spoken word at the precise location in the vidoe Thanks! Download mp3 files of videos: Keywords: CFR, Trump, Donald Trump, President, Presidential Race, Hillary, Clinton, candidates, election, race, Richard Haas, Democrats, Republicans, political, politics, party, vote, voters, voting, 2016, government, polls, debates, DNC, RNC, convention, one party, campaign, analysis, member, membership, speech, election day, rigged, cheating, win, leading, contender, nominee, popular, electoral, college, perloff, Haas, states,

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