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Let Zionists posture all they want but the | Holocaust is a Complete Fraud – Proof

Holocaust is a Complete Fraud – Proof

With revelations thanks to our emailers and posters
Make no mistake about it by no means was there a real World War II-era Holocaust against German and/or European Jews. It’s a complete fake, and this fake is easy to prove. Let the Zionists posture all they want. Let them buck and scream. Let them agitate and fume. Let them threaten the entire world. It is irrelevant. The fake is indisputable. Who could possibly contest it?
The Holocaust, hereafter deemed the HoloHoax, is not merely a fraud. Rather, it is a full-fledged criminal enterprise based on lies and deceit. Moreover, it is not merely a fraud and corruption against the people of Germany. It is, rather, an arch-criminal fraud, in fact, a murderous one against all of humankind. It is used as a kind of propaganda tool for the support of treacherous, even murderous, schemes such as the plot for the creation of Eretz (Greater) Israel.
Yet, within this very humankind are those who seek the truth and who resist the lies of this same criminal cabal. For their efforts they are brought down on charges, though trumped-up, tried through a kind of extrajudicial process, and, then, imprisoned, in some cases for up to five years, even decades.
Too, there are those who attempt to belittle or diminish any such truth seekers. They attempt to scandalize them, heaping accusations against them, taunting them, threatening them. They brand them in order to slander them before the whole world and in order to mark them through the label “holocaust revisionists” or, more importantly, “holocaust deniers.” Then, they used the trumped-up and arch-fabricated powers of the ‘law’ to arrest, try, and imprison them. Moreover, they do so in order to prevent investigation of the case, to block the actual facts from being revealed.
Here, dealing with such an issue is far from a matter of fear of such retribution. Nor is there an issue of being labeled with such names. It is far more simplistic than that. There was no anti-Jew Holocaust as advertised: and as pictured in infamous photos. Thus, how can anyone be called a Holocaust Denier when there was no such event in the first place. That is there has to be such a historical action or event to deny it. In other words, it is not possible to deny a falsehood, mere lies: mere smoke and mirrors.
On the contrary people who proclaim an event, while lying to do so; it is they who are, apparently, the law breakers and this according to laws in the books in numerous Western countries. This is particularly true when the lies and falsehoods cause great harm to other people, even resulting in their physical harm and/or deaths.
This is even the case if it doesn’t outright cause physical damage such as punched, beaten, injured, or killed. Even the fomenting of information that leads to racial bias where people are psychologically harmed: even this is punishable by the law, particularly if the basis is malicious, where lies and falsehoods are purposely spread.
Spreading of false news: a criminal offense?
There are seemingly laws on the books in certain countries, Canada and Austria, for example, against the spreading of false news. People have been imprisoned based on this, notably Ernst Zundel and David Irving. Now, there is no evidence, no hard evidence, at least, that either of these men spread falsehoods, dangerous or incidental. Yet, there is great evidence that others have done so, notably the Zionists, their enemies. In fact, here, there is hard proof of the malicious spreading of false news by these Zionists.
Just what is the basis of Western nations against the spreading of so-called false news? According the Canadian dictate, which was used, incidentally, to attack and, ultimately, imprison Mr. Zundel: “Everyone who willfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offense and is liable to imprisonment for two years.”
Really, then, how is it that Zundel was imprisoned? He was doing the opposite, which was exposing lies and deceit which were being masquerading as real news.
Yet, as insidious as these laws are there is a curious element never before considered. It is the fact that the precise people of ‘prosecuting’ Zundel are actually the ones who are ultimately culpable under such a law, that is the law banning the spreading of false information, whether through news broadcasts, print media, or books/pamphlets. Who is definitively spreading such falsehoods. It is not Zundel or the historian Irving but is, rather, their adversaries: the Zionists. Moreover, that spreading of false news – or fabrications – can be categorically demonstrated even without a trial or court case.
Consider the false news spread by the Zionists against Islaam. That ‘news’ has led to a state of Islamophobia amongst the population, not merely in Canada but, in fact, throughout the entire world.
Prison terms in some nations for HoloHoax promoters: rabbis, businessmen, and others?
Notice what it says: “Everyone…” Hmm, that means that, at least in Canada, all those who are behind the HoloHoax industry must be brought down on charges, because they meet all the definitions of the dictate, which are as follows:
  • they are willfully, that is maliciously and with absolute foreknowledge publishing and distributing statements, tales, and “news” that they “know is false” and do so in advance
  • they do so while knowing that those tales are “likely to cause injury…”
  • they do so while knowing fully and absolutely that those same statements, tall tales, and “news” will cause mischief to a public interest…”
They are, therefore, guilty by proxy of “an indictable offense” and, therefore, “liable to imprisonment…”
Actually, Zündel was never prosecuted under the “group hatred” act, though other Canadians have been. Those interested in putting him out of business resorted instead to an obscure and anachronistic section of the Criminal Code, which states, “Everyone who willfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offense and is liable to imprisonment for two years.”
twice put on trial and convicted on a charge of spreading “false news.”
…Canada in 1970, when the Parliament, ignoring warnings from many leading editors and publishers, enacted a new section of the Criminal Code which makes it an indictable offense to “promote hatred against any identifiable group.”Identifiable groups, as it turned out, do not include such allegedly “secure” groups as whites, Christians, Anglo-Saxons and Germans. The result, which was foreseen by heads wiser than those prevailing in Ottawa, has been the creation of two classes of Canadian citizens, with widely differing rights.
“Everyone who willfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offense and is liable to imprisonment for two years.”
Hate-based offenses based on religion or creed?
Using Canada as an example, again, it can be seen that there are laws against the actions of the arch-Zionist criminal enterprise:
Criminal Code requires that a judge imposing a sentence must consider it an aggravating factor if there is evidence they were motivated by “bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin,” religion or color.
Then, if this is the case the entire arch-Zionist cabal based in this nation must be brought down on charges, because, surely, its acts are “motivated” by a terminally wretched bias, a hate of sorts “based on race, national (origins), and ethnic origin,” as well as based on color and, in particular, religion.
In this regard  let us see what happened in Canada, what hate was generated from what was exclusively an arch-Zionist plot: the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center:
Hamilton police have arrested three men in the attacks on the Hindu Samaj temple and Hamilton Mountain Mosque that took place just days after the September 11, 2001 World Trade Centre terrorist attacks.
The case against the three would be prosecuted as a hate crime, police said. The Hindu temple was destroyed in the arson.
So, because of the hate generated by the Zionists against people of color two worship facilities were struck, one by beer bottles, the mosque, the other by fire, the Hindu temple. The perpetrators were so crazed in their hate that they didn’t even strike primarily the main demonized groups, the Muslims, and in their drunken stupor instead burned to the ground the Hindu institution.
It was all provoked by the arch-Zionist criminals. David Irving and Ernst Zundel, nor any of the other tormented and/or imprisoned scholarly researchers investigating Holocaust fraud, had nothing to do with it.
Is it not inane beyond belief that people are prosecuted for a fake, while the fakers, those who foment, agitate, and corrupt: those who tell bold lies, not mere tales – they are the ones who are never prosecuted to any degree. Now, one brave Jew has made the degree of this scam clear in an interview with Mr. Zundel, seen here:

He makes the highly incriminating point that there could not have been any mass slaughter in Europe and/or Germany of Jews. The total number for European Jewry at that time was some 3.3 million. Then, how could 6.6 million be killed? There wouldn’t be a Jew left in this universe. So, therefore, the deaths and slaughter must have been staged. There could be no other conclusion.
The deaths of 6 million or so Jews would put the Jewish population of Europe at minus 2.7 million. They would have, therefore, had to import Zionists from other countries in order to make the post-WWII numbers work. How about that? They did the opposite, filling Palestine with Zionists.
Here is a boat-load of European Jewry on the verge of landing upon confiscated lands. Anyone, do they look bedraggled and/or war-torn? Do they look like they have lived too hard? Do they appear disheveled, as if they are refugees fleeing from loss and war?
Yet, it is said that they were all dead long ago, every one of them. Then, where did these boat loads come from?  In fact, they came from all parts of Europe from Portugal to Poland, make no mistake about it:
Passengers in Lisbon boarding the SS Nyassa, for a special JDC run that ferried almost 800 Jewish refugees to Palestine at a cost of almost half a million dollars (1944). The Nyassa was one of the series of transatlantic vessels on which JDC, headquartered in Lisbon during most of the war, purchased blocks of passenger space for Jews seeking refuge in the Americas, in Palestine…
In fact, the purpose of WWII was largely thee arch-Zionist creation of an Israeli-conquered Palestine. Moreover, the lie of the Holocaust was essential for perpetrating that act:
(Note: this link shows imagery that indicates that the Zionists were faking attacks against them as early as the turn of the century).
Hard proof of forgery in purported Holocaust photos
Clearly, then, the fabricated Holocaust is a crucial element in the greatest scam of all time, the creation of the Apartheid, arch-racist and terminally corrupt Zionist entity. This entity specializes in murder and deceit as well as theft. It is no surprise that the HoloHoax is used as a basis for such acts.
Obviously, both during the war and in the post-war period world Jewry was thriving. Since they fared well during the war and the post-war period, better than most others, then, there was no actual basis for supporting the claim. The only way it could be supported in the world view was through falsification, in other words, forgery. Thus, since Zionist Jews did not die in massive numbers at the hands of the Germans, or anyone else, then, this means the evidence was faked:
Looks horrible, doesn’t it, two smiling Germans (denigrated by Zionist Hollywood as Krauts), absolutely in glee over the hanging of a Jewess:
The problem is it’s not real. Look at that head. It’s hideous. It’s as if it was created to cause the maximum shock. The neck is mere stretched up, fake photographic alteration. It isn’t a neck. The head is cut off and placed on at a sharp angle. There are cut lines about the head and double imaging, all sorts of anomalies. Too, the boy has been artificially installed. Look at how black is that head of hair. It’s all photographic trickery, and the Zionist did this maliciously in order to support their criminal scam.
Here is the original image. The image of the Zionist and the hanging pole have been cut in. It’s a total forgery, undeniably so. This is an example of a malicious act by the Zionists to create hate against a people, in this case the German race.
How about this obvious fake. Has anyone ever seen a pair of legs that long before, whether on a live body or a corpse. What a hack job of a fake this is by the Zionists:
The German people have been grossly demonized, once again. It’s an arch-fabrication, yet another filthy act by the Zionists, a gross forgery and fake.
More Germans smirking and smiling at the senseless murder of a Jewess? Really?
Note the big chunk taken out of the fake tree. The drum has also been artificially installed; no detail was left undone, as this would have been what the fake stiff stood upon before being ‘pushed’ off.
Actually, it seems that they are smiling at the forced shaving of a rabbi, probably the maximum kind of scheme of organized German military against the Zionists.
How about this for a hoax. The Commandant himself is supervising the hanging – or is he?
Outright forgeries are now proven: who can possibly deny it?
Therefore, clearly, the imagery in support of an actual mass slaughter of Jewry, where this element of humankind was specifically targeted, is a hoax. Let anyone prove otherwise. In fact, it is impossible to do so, as the imagery, upon thorough analysis, fails to hold up to the claims, including the wild claims of the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of European Jews.
Lady Stolz’s husband is apparently serving time for so-called Holocaust denial. How can an event be denied that never happened?
86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany
Posted on 12/17/2014 by justice4germans
Our note: the ultimate criminals of WWII are the agents of the so-called Allied forces. It is they that committed proven holocausts, for instance, the fire bombing of Dresden, the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, among other gross atrocities. That’s why it was necessary to create the German boogeymen, the ultimate distraction
Ursula Haverbeck
Here is a story you won’t hear in the “mainstream media” nor the alternative, unless it is first put through the wash and spin cycle. Thus, I will do my best to simply translate and present this important and very newsworthy story to the world for consideration as provided by the original author, whom I shall introduce, as well as provide some context for her perspective, as well as my own.Frau Ursula Haverbeck, born in 1928, is an 86 year old survivor of the genocidal Allied terror bombing, the Russian onslaught of rape and pillage on Germany’s Eastern frontier, the anti-German pogroms and expulsions, and the post-war Morgenthau Plan of mass starvation perpetrated against Germany, the enslavement and mass murder of surrendered German soldiers as well as, of the post-war cultural genocide of the German nation by the criminal victors.
Many today still live in “denial” of these obvious and provable crimes, but no law prevents anyone from voicing their denial, so no one has ever been jailed for denying these facts. Nor is any notion of “collective guilt and punishment” forced upon the citizens of the nations which perpetrated these monstrous “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”. The peoples of the Allied nations have not been divided, and had their land, culture and heritage stolen. Nor have they been forced to pay reparations to the Germans for this “Unholicaust”. No one has ever been jailed for spreading “false news” and “inciting hatred” toward the German people, though it is committed daily in the mass media; in books, films, TV shows, newspaper articles, schools, and in everyday average conversation amongst people everywhere.

Frau Haverbeck is a very learned, lucid and articulate lady, who is in good physical and mental health. She holds several university degrees, including in the field of Education. She, along with her late husband (a professor and former Eastern Front soldier) were both, in past years, very involved with environmental concerns in Germany, and were activists for the preservation of the German language and culture.

On November 20th, 2014, Frau Haverbeck made history by laying criminal charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, under S. 344 of German Penal Code with “False Prosecutions” perpetrated against innocent Germans concerning their “denial of the holocaust” (TM). The crime of False Prosecution is punishable with up to 10 years imprisonment. In this recent video entitled “The Biggest Problem of Our Time”, she cited the ever diminishing publicly acknowledged numbers of Jews who died at Auschwitz, as already acknowledged by official sources, and which can also be read by all on the plaque outside the former Auschwitz camp. She referred to an article to this effect in the nationally published magazine “Der Spiegel” in 2002. Frau Haverbeck also stated that original NS German documents concerning the exact orders pertaining to the duties at Auschwitz which had been seized by the Soviet Union after the war, were now in possession of the mainstream “Institut für Zeitgeschicht” (Institute for History), and also available to the public for a fee of €124.00 since 2000.

Frau Haverbeck says that “these documents indicate very clearly, in full detail, that the Auschwitz camp was not an ‘Extermination Camp’, but rather a ‘labour camp’ for the defence industry, and moreover, that those in charge of its operation were under orders to maintain the health of the prisoners to the best of their ability for the purposes of production, which was essential for the continuing war effort”. She adds, “that is what those who worked there and have been accused of war crimes have always maintained!”

“Surely by now” Frau Haverbeck says “an official revision which encompasses these facts should have taken place and that all judgments made against so-called ‘deniers’ should have been overturned, as the evidence is available which supports their position, but nothing of the sort has happened. Many are still sitting in jail to this day. This puts the onus back on the accusers who continue to claim that 6 Million Jews were exterminated, to show us where the physical evidence is that supports their claim. Where are they?”

Frau Haverbeck stated that “I and others have petitioned every possible government department and branch of justice and have provided them with these documents, and yet nothing has happened. There has been no reply! The reason for that must be that they have no response as they have no evidence, as there was no holocaust”.

“If this was an indeed such an ‘open and shut case’ that is irrefutable, as the courts have ruled over and over again, and which they never tire of telling us, their case cannot rest upon any so-called ‘secret order’ . And for them to now have to acknowledge a drastically reduced number of victims is for them also not possible, given the alleged singularity of this event, as the one and the only, and the biggest and most heinous crime ever committed. Then let us consider and compare this with the ‘Rheinwiesenlager’ (Eisenhower’s Death Camps), Dresden, Hiroshima, and horrors experienced by the many millions of German expellees and refugees from the East!”

Frau Haverbeck then goes on to state that “in statements made at Nuremberg, no one testified to the presence of any gas chambers, and that confessions, particularly those of Rudolf Höss, are now well-known to have been extracted through unimaginable, excruciating torture, to which anyone would have confessed to the mass murder of millions. No testimony, received by such means, as legal experts know, can be given consideration. Why is it that there should even be such a law as S. 130 that should deny us the ability to question this? And how is it that the entire body of defence testimony and uncountable volume of physical evidence which they tried to provide was completely ignored or destroyed? 

Such could only have proved to have been incriminating if something sinister had actually taken place. Obviously, they (the prosecutors) could prove nothing, and so these witnesses and their evidence had to disappear.” She goes on to question how this is possible in Germany for the authorities to ignore, and asks whose interests these “authorities” and “academics” etc truly serve? (This roughly the first 10 minutes of the 19 minute long video. I’ll leave it there in the interest of time and length.)

In a statement posted on her website, Frau Haverbeck writes:
“After weeks of reading on the Internet that ‘there was no Holocaust’ all processes in which critical-thinking citizens convicted of Holocaust denial under section 130, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code must now be re-opened . These citizens have committed no other crime other than that they came to the same conclusions earlier, that there may not have been any such “holocaust”, because of their own due diligence and scientific knowledge. All interested parties should immediately consult the competent courts in order to make them now aware of this new evidence. Then, contact their respective lawyers to clarify as to how to proceed.

It was outrageous what took place after the reduction of the number of victims of Auschwitz, which was officially announced to the public, with no explanation, nor apology for giving false information. Whereas, the ‘Spiegel’ Editor, who wrote the same thing in an essay based upon the new archival discoveries, etc., has gone unpunished.

Even more serious and incompatible with the rule of law was the simultaneous arrest and jailing of the chemist Germar Rudolf. He had, with his chemistry expertise and his scientific investigations into Zyklon B as a potential gassing agent, come to the conclusion that the holocaust, as hitherto described, could not have happened at Auschwitz. Now this is unacceptable: on the one side, the documents of the Commandant of Auschwitz show that this was a labor camp for the defence industry and not an extermination camp, yet the Ludwigsburg Central Office for prosecution of ‘National Socialist crimes’ has indicted about thirty men, now over ninety years old, on the charge that they had been involved at the extermination camp at Auschwitz, and in the murder of hundreds of thousands of people.

If the German citizen is still the supreme sovereign under the Basic Law in this Federal Republic of Germany, then each of us has a responsibility for the truth, and a right to expect that justice be done. This is the basic responsibility of every citizen. It is, therefore, also the duty of each to also work towards the restoration of law and justice.”

Approx. 2,000 Germans are charged each year in Germany under S.130 of Penal Code for “Holocaust Denial” which is punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment and fines, and also has social penalties, as those convicted find themselves unable to work and shut out of organizations, etc. In the media they are demonized and vilified as “Neo-Nazis” and “right-wing extremists”. The term “Nazi” is, as I have previously reported, a pejorative term created by the enemies of National Socialism long before Hitler ever came to power, and it is still wielded as a weapon to this day, in Germany and elsewhere, to stifle dissent and discussion, and to incite hatred.

Frau Haverbeck, herself, has been labelled as such and has previously been charged and convicted as a “Holocaust denier” and also with “Volksverhetzung” (inciting hatred) for her efforts to speak out on behalf of the German people who to do this day are burdened with the alleged guilt of starting the war, of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the systematic mass murder of the European Jews. Questioning any of this in “liberated” Germany is punishable with imprisonment. Presenting evidence to the contrary is not allowed. It is also forbidden in Canada and many European nations. Here is just a partial list of others (Germans and non-Germans) who have been tried, convicted, stalked, harassed and violently attacked for sharing their views and for presenting factual evidence contrary to the official and legally enforced narrative.

Quotes from Frau Havenbeck:

„Wir leben gar nicht in einer echten Demokratie, was man schon daran erkennen kann, daß alle Angst haben. Die Herrscher haben vor dem Volk Angst, deshalb gibt es Maulkorbgesetze, und das Volk hat vor den Regierenden Angst, deshalb wagt es nicht zu sagen, was es denkt.“ ~ Ursula Haverbeck vor dem Landgericht Dortmund, 11. Juni 2007 Translation: “We do not live a real democracy, which one can easily see when everyone lives in fear. The Controllers are afraid of the people, and for this reason, they have made “muzzle laws”, and so the people live in fear of those who rule over them. Therefore. the people do not dare to speak their minds.” ~ Ursula Havenbeck, before the State Court in Dortmund, 11th June, 2007

„Vaterland und Muttersprache bilden die Grundlage jeder völkischen Entwicklung. […] Ein Sklave, der seine Ketten nicht spürt, sehnt sich niemals nach der Freiheit.“ ~ Ursula Haverbeck als Referentin im NPD-Bürgerzentrum, März 2010
Translation: “Fatherland and Mother Tongue are the basis for any folkish (German cultural) development. […] A slave who does not realize he is in chains will never seek to free himself” ~ Ursula Havenbeck, as guest speaker of the NPD-Citizen Centre, March 2010.
Ursula Haverbeck – Warrior for Truth and Justice


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