Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump's Coalition of Dirty Tricks in Syria

Trump's Coalition of Dirty Tricks in Syria

When fighting terrorism, in Syria, discussed the issue of liberation of the Syrian capital of the Islamic state (banned in Russia) Raqqa, the main agenda was the danger of destruction of the dam "Tabka" - the largest in Syria, limiting the more the country reservoir, "al-Assad".

The city Tabka is one of the main locations of terrorists in the North of the country, so his release is a serious step towards the ultimate goal of raqqa. And apparently, the coalition is so eager to declare victory that they are ready to leave on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, the local inhabitants of the region.

Two days ago, from hard bombing the dam broke:

According to Lebanese media, in addition to the destruction of the dam, after the withdrawal of the control from the system stopped working hydroelectric power station. According to sources, the reason could be an airstrike or shelling. Technical experts have been unable to get access to the facility due to ongoing intense fighting.
The General Director of hydroelectric power station Najm al-Bunyu, living in the moment, in Aleppo and maintaining constant contact with on-site engineers, said in an interview with the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan that a number of mechanisms out of order. Al-Bunyu called the situation "alarming and disturbing."

"The severity of destruction is confirmed by the picturespublished by the information portal Damascus Now. Close to opposition activists argue that the residential quarters Al-Tabka three days are without water and electricity because of damage to the dam.the inhabitants of the Euphrates valley EN masse leave their homes for fear of possible flooding in case of damage of the power plant".

Himself destroy, where I ought to release is very much in the spirit of the liberators from the West, from Mosul even at the example (where, I remind, from-for sharp growth in the number of casualties among civilians the offensive all suspended). But who then give money to rebuild the infrastructure? And who will be feed people who are left without the necessary resources?

First, we wanted to compare their offensive in Raqqa with our actions in Palmyra. But I realized that even if the Syrian army and videoconferencing would act less carefully, damaging, for example, historical values, although this is not stumped thousands of people. However, we can design and implement a plan to manage minimal losses. Coalition (Union, of course, with the Kurds) with the human needs finally ceased to be.

And yet, as practice shows Syrian war, accelerated the onset inevitably leads to the unpardonable errors and holes in the operations. So are these sacrifices in order to save a couple of months, but to destroy all that was mocking the people?

From the very beginning of the conflict USA forces targeted Syrian infrastructure. Never did they target their creation ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.

The first time I tuned into the destruction of Syria it was over reports of Grain Elevators and bridges being blown up by the USAF.

THE USA has absolutely no justifiable reason to be engaged in such actions, it seems to me this is the continuation one hundred years of USA aggression which started with that nation being dragged into World War One.

It is past time for the USA to come to grips with the monsters that control it's destiny and destroy them.

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