Friday, March 31, 2017

Putin : "You seriously think that your anti nuclear "umbrella" will stand?"

Putin : "You seriously think that your anti nuclear "umbrella" will stand?"

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Once the journo from the BBC News or Fake News, as aptly renamed all the channels and media of this kind a protege of Putin, trump, tried to blame Vladimir. He asked the Russian leader about the possibility of a new arms race between Russia and the United States. Putin staked and explained on the fingers that the Russian government is forced to respond to the call of America.

"You also warned Washington not to go? You had the message on the red phone! "started by a hack...

"Recently the Americans were sitting on our rocket factories. Nobody will forget, no?" – said the Russian leader, " do You seriously think that your anti-nuclear umbrella can stand against US?"

To cry and to blame Russia for his impotence, as it's American, as in Western...

First, they found evidence of the involvement and impact of Russian hackers on the election results in the United States. But the crafty Russian hackers stole the evidence, that's all their explanation about the "involvement"))

The journalist is the "brain" of the intellectual in the modern world occupies a very important role. And if the brain and intelectual asks such questions, describing him as dull, then what about the bulk? Or they eat whatever it is that equates with the journo, or they, the bulk of Pindos, like those Ukrainians that all know but are silent.


Everywhere Putin, Russian hackers everywhere, Russia sent the enemy information field of KVN and Banter. The only possible answer ( a military solution is not considered, in view of the exceptional advantages of the Russian Federation) could be a hacker attack, that they still somehow.

But there is a caveat.

The opening of the mail of the United Russia and the liberal democratic party, the Communist party, the CP and the maximum will lead to cognitive dissonance reveals, not more.

So Putin rightly pointed out)))

Russia is a great country and my homeland for which I personally and our entire team of Stabenow, ready to fight to the last drop of blood , or as an option to the last drop of ink...

Although know not so simple. Inc,e how to explain that in may 2016, visitors to the square times square in new York city had the good fortune to witness the VERY right in the centre of new York?.

Then GDP suddenly appeared on one of the advertising screens in times Square in new York, quickly winked and disappeared, of course, as quickly as it came.)))

Still, Vladimir Putin Is a Worthy President of a great Country. He made the world is our greatness!

Putin, brother, we are for you into the fire and into the icy water, just say! Keep it up! Let those who want war - autumn leaves are trembling and falling, trembling and falling.

The USSR in the rank of superpower built Stalin!

Russia to the rank of superpower erected Putin!

God bless Vladimir, who so tenderly loves his country, and for which she is Life and its prosperity is the Goal of Life!!!

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