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"Is America Currently Fighting its Second Civil War" ?

"Is America Currently Fighting its Second Civil War" ?

The United States was conceived as an ideological project. The Protestants dissidents from Europe have crossed their "Red sea" that had to be the Atlantic ocean, and using the TANACH as a guide and imagining themselves the ancient Jews, engaged in the creation in America of the biblical "Jewish Republic." One of the founding fathers of the country Jefferson was named ideology emerged in society and Americanism.
Population than the Protestants, were numerous Africans, who as slaves to cultivate the plantations of the South sold to America by the Arabs. The institution of slavery, is contrary to the spirit of Protestantism, took root as an economic benefit.
James Monroe, 1817-1825 rezidentstvoval in years, trying to find a solution to this contradiction. According to the "Missouri compromise" of 1820, slavery in the country were not allowed North of the 36° 30' North latitude. and West of the Mississippi river. While Monroe supported the attempt to free the slaves and return them to Africa.
On his initiative a group of freed American blacks in 1821 was taken on the coast of West Africa. Settlers founded the city of Monrovia, named in honor of the President of the United States. Local leaders for various products such as mirrors and beads with a total value of $ 50 americoliberian, as they called themselves, bought a territory about half the current of state of Liberia, which was founded.
Slavery in the United States have disappeared as a result of the civil war 1861-1865. But abolishing it was not a war aim. Resolution the Crittenden – Johnson, adopted by Congress on July 25, 1861, three months after the fighting started, claimed that the war launched by the Union unite the country, and in any case not for the abolition of the "bizarre institution" of slavery. The resolution demanded from the US government to take action against the institution of slavery. This is easily explained – the coalition of northerners were four slave state: Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and Delaware.
Only 30 Dec 1862, under the threat of entry into the war on the side of the South of England, whose industry was suffocating without cotton from the South America, the North blockaded ports of the South, Lincoln signed the "emancipation Proclamation of the slaves." After that, the British could not stand up for southerners.
Thomas Jefferson
The commander of the Confederate army General Lee was opposed to slavery, but fought for the right of Confederate States to secede from the Union. Views of Lincoln, on the contrary, today look racist. He believed that after the liberation of all black people need, even violently, to send back to Africa.
Implementation intentions Lincoln would not have done a happy freed slaves. The company, started Monroe, gave a fruit. There is no sadder reading than the history of Liberia is the poorest country of West Africa and third on this indicator in the world. The unemployment rate in it is equal to 85%.
The civil war was a serious shock to America. Were killed and wounded on both sides, about 450,000 people – about 1.5% of the then population of the country. It's hard to believe there were not better ways of solving problems. It can be assumed that a substantial cause of the civil war were accumulated in the society bitterness.
The position of black Americans since the end of the civil war gradually improved, laws of 1964 and 1965 equal rights with white and subsequently, even at the expense of "affirmative action" were given advantages in education, employment, starting a business.
In the last half century the United States was a conglomeration of ideologies, Americanism, initially called liberalism, now often prosuvalisya progressivism, or simply "left".
The first proponents of liberalism-progressivism – unorthodox Jews. Their spiritual heritage – from Santa-socialists, who came to American shores in the early twentieth century, fathers – of the Stalinists and the Trotskyists mid-century, from the guru of Hillary Clinton and Obama's radical Saul Alinsky.
Although many black Americans gradually adopted the ideology of the founders of the United States, some included in the economic, cultural and spiritual elite of the country, a large majority of African Americans belongs ideologically to the left. Close to the ideas of socialist redistributors of wealth was Martin Luther king, who believed that every U.S. citizen should receive a monthly money from the state. But his message of non-violent resistance and the dream of the blind to skin color society is unpopular among today's leaders of the black community.
Notable in this community, the "Nation of Islam", the most famous leaders – Malcolm x and his successor Louis Farrakhan. Many young blacks join her, while in prison.
Most of the leaders of black Christian priests, Jesse Jackson, al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright. Shared by Islamic and Christian leaders black – untimely racism and anti-Semitism.
Another squad progressives are immigrants from Latin America, where the traditionally strong socialist sentiments. An important part of the left movement also feminists and members of the LGBTQ movement.
Finally, progressively took over the heart in the movement of immigrants from the Muslim world.
The left has made great strides in the fight against Americanism due to the fact that they managed to hold for U.S. President for two terms his minions of Barack Obama.
Obama has greatly advanced the interests of all groups of progressivism, by typing in the important positions of the members of the Supreme court's two liberal women, Jewish Elena Kagan and Latino Sonia Sotomayor, helped the country to approve same-sex marriage, was appointed to the leadership of the state Department of seven Islamists, promoted to the position of powerful regional powers in the former pariah Iran, supported the revolt of blacks against the forces of law and order. Media turned from the Institute of information into a propaganda tool, enthusiastically supported all initiatives of Obama. The Historian V. D. Hanson sneers: "Proclamation of Obama's God or the smartest person to have ever joined the post in past years wouldn't have looked normal journalistic practice." It seemed that the United States begins a thousand-year Reich of progressivism.
Of course, if the complete triumph of progressivism, he would carry a contradiction in itself. The victory of the movement, "Black life is important" (as defined by Yulia Latynina – Ku-Klux-Klan on the contrary) the law enforcement would turn the whole country into a kind of southern Chicago, where for the last year of gunshot wounds, 762 of them fatal, have got 4334 person. For feminists, Islamists and put burkas, the LGBTQ movement would have introduced Sharia law and Jewish in 48 centres in different States over the last month and so received 57 warnings about threats of explosions.
However, all the splendor of the achievements of the progressives of the last eight years, collapsed overnight. In the presidential election of 2016 won Donald trump promising to repay the U.S. during the Americanism – "to make America great again."
Victory trump could not happen in any way. Against him were two political parties of the country, almost all the media. In addition to this the reserve that of his rival in the elections was, according to the trump, 3-5 million "votes" of deceased or did not have the right to vote. Let me remind you that before the election, President Obama acknowledged for the illegal immigrants the right to vote. One of the priorities of the Democratic party – not allowing the requirement for voters to show ID, leave the illegal immigrants the opportunity to influence the election results.
Enthusiastically welcomed the victory of the trump Israeli analyst guy Behor: "witnessing the revolution of the masses, which have yet to embrace the entire world. Donald trump works for her, not she on him... the Sword will pierce the heart of political correctness, like socialism turned into enslaving a cult... No more use of the climate for the establishment of planetary power... the Golden days of the Shiite axis, nurtured Kerry and Obama at the end... Along with increasing day by day world revolution returns to the world the truth." Looks like Behor sees what's happening in the ideological death of progressivism.
Donald Trump
However, sociologist David Goldman warned:
"If one or more parties realised that the absence of war means the end of their existence, they have no motive to return to peace". Squads left in America has embarked on the warpath.
Dennis Praeger wrote:
"America is currently fighting its Second civil war. The Americans, with the obvious exception of relations to slavery, today more divided morally, ideologically and politically than it was during the last civil war." Examples Praeger: "on the side I think the idea of the "melting pot" (smelting of diverse immigrant groups into the American nation) antiafrikanskie, anti-Muslim, antinationalism. They suppress freedom of speech where we can, proclaiming the views of those who disagree with them "hate-speech". For example, if you consider Shakespeare the greatest playwright or Bach is the greatest composer that you are a supporter of the dead European white men and therefore racist."
Praeger warns:
"Given the increased violence of the left, such as riots, seizure of offices of presidents of colleges and illegal occupation of government buildings States, the Second civil war is not guaranteed peaceful in nature."
Sociologists Yasha Munch and Roberto Stefan FOA found that the young people of Europe and the U.S. is increasingly skeptical of democracy, and like the idea of a strong ruler or even a military dictatorship. The first battle left the youth revolution vs trump was the rebellion at UC Berkeley with the burning of cars and smashing of Windows, disrupted the speech of a conservative journalist.
Mass was antithrombosis marches indecent aunts in pink bonnets, symbolizing the intimate part of their female anatomy. One of the March organizers support the American "pink bonnets" in England was a local Union of prostitutes.
It is unclear what trump is threatening to have sex without marriage and childbirth – the ideal of "bonnets". However, Kabbalists Madonna demanded at the rally blow up the White house, and humorist-entertainer Sarah Silversten – to conduct a military coup. If that's the level of humor Sarah – sorry to the public.
Feminists are perceived as one of the signs of sexual liberation, the free use of obscene speech. And then the patriots of the Russian language there is something to be proud of. Real master Russian Mat know how, using the numerous forms several roots to Express any feelings and to retell the text of any complexity – even philosophical work of Lenin "Materialism and empiriocriticism". And what you will tell the two forms of the same verb Mata English? Is that the same book Lenin: "... f Max; f... Avenarius; f... Bogdanov".
I saw two videos: the kindergarten teacher and Professor at new York University, expressed himself in hatred Trump. Feeling they had to pass, due to the misery of the English Mata, squealing. Russian linguist practitioner would explain to the aunts that screech kills possible rich shades of foul language.
Know that history usually repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. I really hope that the Second American revolution will not be a tragedy, and degenerate, in the spirit of submission "pink bonnets", a farce.
Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

Boris Gulko

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