Monday, January 23, 2017


For a while now ive been wondering whats going to happen -- Embassy to Jerusalem -- Mass Support for the Illegal Settlements -- Going to shoot Iranian Ships out of the Water -- remove protection for Iran from unjustified attack by Israel. What's going to happen? What are the steps that will play out?
I generally don't like to speculate out loud or not in private, as speculations have a way of taking on a mind of their own and running rampant. Myself for a while now have been a bit puzzled about what going to happen -- not sure which way it will go -- which promises are real and which are fake from the start.

Donald Trumps comments and commitments stated so far have myself a bit worried as they seem contradictory if full context is taken into account.

"No more Forced Regime Change or Meddling in the interests and affairs of other nations" -- is along the lines of what trump has been saying, which gets me wondering how is he going to do that while supporting Israeli Settlements in Violation of international Law built within Palestinian Borders.

You see the banter thrown around is that "Israel is fighting for its legitimacy and recognition" But it's actually not -- because the arab states have all recognized Israel since the 1960's. Zionists demand all peoples give them legitimacy, but that is not an International Law(haha) that anyone must abide to -- its just a demand of a want.

So israel has been recognized since long before my birth, the only peoples who have been refused recognition is the palestinians and their state - which is why israel builds the settlements at a conquering rate. Making this not an occupation but and annexation which is a War Crime under International Law (it's what hitler wanted to do to the Jews but now the Jews do it to the palestinians).

This process of annexation is the sole reason for repeated un resolutions, as with each condemning, the annexation gets worse in an act of collective punishment by the zionists against their neighbours the palestinians over and over again.
Get to the bones

From what it seems the entire show is a charade, a magician's game to fool the gullible into looking left, while the magician moves  right.

As such, the United States has been Notorious for using false flag attacks to give substantial justification for retribution, guided by public support from the emotional response invoked. This moving of the embassy is starting to seem a little to convenient as it would put it in a prime location -- with cover story being easily orchestrated from upset of the people of the area.
  • They know by moving the embassy there it will be in a higher risk area.
  • They know that they can sell any attack on the new embassy as an attack of aggression from an Arab Direction.
  • They know Saudi Arabia does not fund the resistances against Israel. (Israel and Saudis fund Terrorism Worldwide)
  • They know Iran does support moderate militias, which has been well documented and i think possibly even openly admitted.
​Only question i'm really wondering here is: How long will it be before the embassy is attacked  by Western Nations Proclaiming Terrorism backed by Iran? How long?

I see this as a rather quick event and the sale will go something along the lines of this.
  • Trump and Russia will keep up the absolute best of relations.
  • The Ambassadors for Russia to its Allies will be murdered or compromised.
  • The embassy will move to new location in sequence with new expansion of settlements.
  • The embassy move and new expansion will go with the go ahead of the united states will be greatly condemned worldwide.
  • The Condemnation will turn to rioting and protesting.
  • The embassy will be Directly Attacked leading to an extensive Loss of Life.
  • The attack of the Embassy will be followed by American Intervention.
  • Trump will proclaim it a result of Iranian funded Terrorism and deem it an Act of War.
  • He will sell justification to dissolve the mutual defense treaty signed within the Iranian Nuclear Power Deal, that was signed between Obama & Iran.
  • Israel will attack iran once the pact is down claiming justification with the same evidence used by USA to support dissolving the defense treaty.
  • Trump will hold off Russia and the World under the new slogan of something like "Stay out of the matters of other nations" or " It's not our business plus israel has a right"
  • Russia will protest, but Trump will argue russia must stay out of it or the USA will come to the Aid of Israel
  • The war will not last long -- it will be quick and used to take the rest of palestine along with greatly damaging Iranian Capabilities and Setting them back Generations.
  • Ground forces will not be Israeli -- but instead ISIS, DAESH or some new mask worn by Nato Backed Terrorist Armies (Which is who will keep iran on its heels if it ever gets up on its feet again).

In no way is this what i want to happen, But the steps made forward are nonsensical unless this or something along the times is the next step.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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