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By Conservative Byte - 2017-01-01

The WaPo, Washington Post, has it all wrong when it comes to Russian, hacking, and what, if anything, was hacked. Instead of reporting that the DNC computers were hacked, they ran with the story that the election system was hacked. Instead of reporting that in Vermont some suspicious coding was found but nothing perpertrated, they reported that the power grid was hacked. Big differences. Read the fine details here.

As Written By J.E. Dyer for Liberty Unyielding:

Speculate amongst yourselves as to why the theme of “Russia hacking [fill in the blank]” has gone high-order in the U.S. mainstream media. Russia is annoying in some respects (and is a legitimate security concern for the U.S.), but really: why Russia? Why now?

The theme has been developed with little attention to minor details like reasonableness and solid proof. Just a day or so ago, we were offered a narrative that Russia had sure enough hacked the U.S. election – only to find out that in reality, the FBI and DHS were pretty convinced Russia was behind the foreign hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s email system.

The DNC email system is not “the U.S. election.” (If it’s not clear, the DNC email system is “the DNC email system.”) We can provide additional explanation, if you need it, of why hacking this target is not hacking or attacking the U.S. 2016 election.

Now, if Russia was indeed behind this intrusion – which undoubtedly happened, although its relation to the exposure of DNC emails through WikiLeaks remains analytical conjecture – Russia sure hadn’t ought to be doing that. Shame on Russia. Seriously, it’s a problem that needs a response. It doesn’t need a silly, ill-considered, tit-for-tat response; but it needs a response. There are important concerns involved here. A lot for everybody – the government, the industry, Americans as customers of IT – to think about.

But the MSM reporting keeps brushing right past that to overhype the next instance of “Russia hacking something.” That’s what the Washington Post did with its latest report alleging that Russia had hacked the U.S. power grid through a utility company in Vermont.

Later clarifications indicated that the power grid wasn’t hacked at all. In fact, what apparently did happen doesn’t really qualify as hacking, although that could be considered a minor point. It looks like some code potentially associated with the phishing attacks on the DNC email system was found on a laptop used somewhere in the Vermont utility, although not to interface with the power grid. The laptop had no connection with the grid.

The code was found because DHS had alerted the operators of America’s “critical infrastructure” – which includes electric power utility companies – to look for that particular code on their computers. The Vermont company (Burlington Electric Department) did look, and found some code on one of their laptops.

So, good on Burlington Electric for following through on that so diligently. And again, assuming that Russia was behind the original intrusion into the DNC email system, and the same code was used by ….


WaPo’s over-eager theme suffers setback: U.S. power grid NOT hacked by Russia – Liberty Unyielding

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